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With the ever-evolving technology landscape, it is more important than ever that IT environments have constant protection and attention. However, many organizations are quickly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of business demands required by their IT systems around the clock. This is where Proactive IT Solutions Managed Services, comes in. With years of experience and with strategic local and international technology partnerships, Proactive IT Solutions can provide you with a vast array of security oriented services and products.

Our Manager Services give you peace of mind when it comes to your IT infrastructure!

At Proactive IT Solutions, we believe at our core that by working proactively you can avoid unnecessary downtime caused by external and internal threats. By actively monitoring and managing your network, we can minimize those threats and system downtime so that your business can be more productive.

Why Proactive IT Solutions:

  • Does your company need expertise that's not availble in-house?
  • Do you want a secure & reliable IT infrastructure?
  • Need to migrate to a cloud infrastructure?
  • Do you need to protect your infrastructure from modern attacks?
  • Do you want to outsource your IT duties so you can focus on your core business functions?

Attackers are counting on your network being outdated and unpatched. Over 95% of successful attacks happen due to a network being outdated where known vulnerabilities remain unpatched. Don't let careless mistakes and untrained users be the gateway for attackers to your network and valuable data. This can significantly disturb your business operations with costly downtime. With active and preventive system monitoring and remediation, we can significantly reduce your cyber attack surface, helping you reduce or entirely prevent these embarrassing and costly situations.

Contact us today to see how Proactive IT Solutions can help you accomplish your ICT and Cyber Security goals.


Cyber Security

Data Cabling & Fiber

Data Recovery

Enterprise Grade Wi-Fi

GPS Vehicle & Asset Tracking

Hardware Troubleshooting

High Res. IP Security Cameras

Local & Cloud Backup

Mac OS X Support

Managed IT Services & Consulting

Network Design & Implementation

Server & Network Administration

Storage Solutions

System Monitoring & Remediation

Virtualization Solutions

Voice Over IP Solutions

Windows Support

2-Way Radio Communications



  • VM Ware

    VMware is the recognized leader in virtualization and automation of compute, networking and storage resources from the desktop to the data center and to the cloud. It’s the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility out of your hardware and IT department, not just for large enterprises, but for small and midsize businesses too.

  • Acronis

    Protect your systems, physical, virtual and cloud, with one backup solution managed by a single console. The rise of virtualization and the opportunities Cloud services offer are bringing new challenges to maintaining effective backup and disaster recovery programs for critical data. Acronis can help you securely migrate, protect and recover critical data wherever it resides.

  • Veeam

    Veeam® Backup & Replication™ delivers Intelligent Data Management for ALL your virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads. Through a single management console, you can manage fast, flexible and reliable backup, recovery and replication of all your applications and data to eliminate legacy backup solutions forever.

  • Horizon Datasys

    RollBack Rx™ is an instant time machine for your PC. A Comprehensive Windows System Restore solution that empowers users and IT administrators to easily restore their PC's to any previous state within seconds. Any unforeseen incidents such as user errors, viruses or even botched software installations can be easily and absolutely reversed in a fast and efficient way.

  • MAPILab

    MAPILab offers more than 30 products. Amoung them are utilities for work automation and productivity improvement, components for developers and tools for teamwork. An important trend in the work of the company is developing software products for Microsoft Exchange Server. We create truly unique and high-quality solutions that take a firm position on the market of server extension software.

  • Thin Stuff

    Thinstuff's server based computing software allows you to securely publish windows applications to any device on any network by utilizing the de-facto standard RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). We extend access to any SBC or VDI backend by Citrix like features and beyond such as TSX Multimedia, TSX USB, TSX Gateway, TSX Remote Programs and TSX Web Access.


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